Hey ::magic:: maker!


I’m so glad you came by to visit these ol’ joni skipping stomping grounds. 


It’s been quite a lot of fun here if I do say so myself. 


Presently, michellejoni.com is on a silent meditation retreat


cooling down its hypertext, 

cleansing its domain, 


cultivating that next level of aWWWareness.  

But the party continues elsewhere! It always does. 


My debut album


is out (super-yay!)

with a shiny colorful interactive new website to match.




I built it myself and I’m obsessed.

So first, put your email here so you can get all my email updates if you don’t already.

 Then come and play with me in the neverending rainbow wonderland of our wild imaginations,

 and let’s have all the fun!


Michelle Joni