I’m so, so, so excited to open up the doors this week to all people, no matter how shitty normal your schedule. For all who say they want to come to Skipping Club but just can’t swing it on Thursdays at 2, this week is for you. I made this for you! Experience Skipping Club and what it’s all about. Get a workout. Be part of our beautiful, growing community. Laugh. Swing your arms long and high. Let the joy of skipping run through you, and into the Universe. Skip into your imagination.
You’ve got three different ::magical::: skips to choose from this week – or you can come to all for maximum skipping ripple effect in your life!
1. Skips O’Clock Happy Hour [Wednesday at 6pm] :: The Dead Poet Skip ::
2. Signature Skip [Thursday at 2pm] :: The Hippie Skippie Shake + Beatles jam in Central Park
3. Weekend Wander [Sunday at 2pm] :: Candyland Skip at Figment NYC. ::FREE::

In detail:

Skips O’Clock Happy Hour [the first ever!]


Dead Poet Happy Hour 2014

– Wednesday, June 4th 2014 
– 6-7pm Happy Hour, 7-8pm Skipping 
– Meet at The Dead Poet450 Amsterdam Avenue on the Upper West Side 
– Your first drink is on Skipping Club
– Come as a dead poet. I challenge you to not only dress the part – but to embody that person, their ideals, how they solved problems. How will this dead poet speak to you?
– When you arrive to happy hour, introduce yourself as such. 
– $20

Signature Skip

The Hippie Skippie Shak

Hippie Skippie Shake
– Meet at 2PM in Strawberry Fields, in Central Park by the 72nd street entrance at Central Park West.
– Dress as your inner hippie child. Let ‘er out!
– Skip through Central Park to Beatles music.
– MacKenzie Pause of All You Need Is Love Yoga is leading us in movement, stretch, and breath.
– Brian August will activate your Beatlebrain with thought-provoking questions to ponder about The Beatles and their legacy
– My amazing parents are hosting the post-skip Beatles jam! Meet Mark and Carol Lapidos of The Fest For Beatles Fans.
– All-star Beatles musicians are coming out for this one. It’s going to be gorgeous.
– Can you commit to bring a healthy dish of food (bonus points for homemade!) or an instrument to play? Then Dayskippers are only $11. Want to just show up? No problem! Dayskippers for you remain at $20.

Weekend Wander

Candyland at Figment

Candyland Skip
– Skipping Club is a featured exhibit at FIGMENT NYC – like Burning Man for kids [and kids at heart]
– We’ll be meeting at 2PM at the “roving artist starting point” and skip through the colorful world of play together
– What to wear? Get your Candyland on – as a character or as something else delicious.
– Sail across the water! Directions to FIGMENT with Ferry details are here. Leave at least 2 hours of Ferry time to be safe.
– We’re joining skipping forces with Turtle Dove Children, a kids’ theater group in Gramercy. Learn how to play again from the pros!
– Co-hosted by Becky Vanderway, stylist, pixie and skipper.
– FIGMENT is free to attend, and thus so is this skip.

Does all this sound juicy to you? Come to all of it!!! The skipping community is growing.

Kids under 18 skip free!

The Summer 2014 Memberskip Program is still available for signup. For less than the price of a weekend in the Hamptons, you join our endless summer skipping vacation. Please contact me with any questions, or if you would like to set up a payment plan. Join the fabulousness!