Thursday, I’m in love! THURSDAY, JULY 17th :: 2PM :: Join us for the 80s POP STAR SKIP!


MEET :: Tompkins Square Park :: Look for Foo Foo Nicks by the statue, just inside the park near the corner of 9th street and Avenue A

Foo Foo Nicks
On this 80s adventure we’ll skip through the most tubular part of town: the EAST VILLAGE


Embody your favorite shining 80s star of melodic genius (Cindi, Joan, Prince, bring it!) or come as your very own authentically make believe 80s Pop Star. To the strains of Karma Chameleon and Beat It, we’ll skip, we’ll Skip-It, sashay through secret community gardens, go to Double Wide for some food and drink. Then, heading into Skips O’Clock Happy Hour, we’ll slay it at some epic 80s karaoke at Planet Rose, and embody the shining pop stars we always were and always will be. And then… after some air guitar competitions and Pacman at Papaya King, we’re still not done!

Here’s the thing. I love the East Village more than anything – I lived here for four years and come back as much as possible. I will tell you now that I have over-booked us with places to skip to, lasting all through the day and night. I can’t tell you all because I simply do not have the strength (I gave it all to skipping) and it’ll surely evolve more by Thursday. You will just have to trust me that it will be AWESOME.

YOGA CLOTHES CHALLENGE :: I will be night-capping off the day with yoga at Yoga To The People and you are invited to be part of it. Do as I do: Always make your pop star outfit yoga-transformable!


Co-hosted by Jess Grippo, a dancer, creative coach, absurdly amazing inspiration, owner of rad 80s hair and air, this skip’s focus is being a catalyst for your creative pursuits. Jess is full on becoming a ballerina after decades of dance stagnation… she’s making it happen! Have you ever dreamed of being a dancer? A singer? A performer or artist of any sort? Take leaps towards your dreams with Jess’s insight, inspirations and take-home exercises.

We’ll stretch our sillies out (WHO ELSE DID THAT IN THE 80s!??!) with Skipping Club movement director Mary Ellen Carafice!

Bring any 80s toys or props you can think of!

Get your Dayskipper pass now, RSVP on Facebook, and reserve your day of AWESOME!!!

We’ve started on our Spotify playlist… add your favorite 80s jams, it’s collaborative!

Finding your character: Skipping Club is your excuse to step out of your skin as somebody else in order to more fully live in it as you. Pick an 80s character who has a certain sense of power, confidence and badassery about them that you would like to emulate. Watch a bunch of videos of them. Channel them in your wardrobe and disposition starting NOW! That way you’ll be good and ready as them for the skip. See what comes up. These videos might help with inspiration! Share your favorite 80s videos and inspirations below in the comments.


Skipped up an appetite? You must be hungry like the wolf.

Girls just want to have fun. So they go to Skipping Club.

You love rock n roll. And the step n hop.

Oh, you want to skip with somebody?

Me? I’m being every gay’s BFF: JEM!!! And the holograms.