Dear Venetia,

From the moment you skipped into my life I just knew
There was something special here, beyond Thursdays at two.
We met at the Beatles Skip in Strawberry Field…
Forever, who knew, this fateful day could yield!

venetia and michelle first meet
Me in my afro, you in your hood
Michelle Goldblum sent you: “You’d love it. You would!”
You came back the next week, and the next and the next
The skipping! It’s addictive! And we started to text.

nerd skip
Venetia, you’re a hottie, with an accent to boot
With your perfect little outfits, so themed and so cute
And your bright shining heart teaching yoga to the masses
At underserved schools, and teen mom classes
“Friendship is magic!” we realized in June
As we put our heads together to the My Little Pony tune

my little pony skip

We dreamed up our Pony Prance through Central Park
Glitter, games and galloping — did YOU feel that spark?
All that joy, love and positivity, painting those streets
All those #skippingclub instas and #skippingclub tweets
We knew this was more than a skip and a dance
This was a full-monty Skipping Romance


Who proposed to whom is not entirely clear
But a wedding was coming, so let’s do this m’dear
The PRIDE MARCH our alter, surrounded by love
A spiritual joining, beach umbrella huppah above

Skipping Wedding

Pretty in white, wearing sneaks for no tripping
We proceeded to be the first wedding while skipping!

Reverend Windhorse blessed us, I do’s and a ring
Then the YMCA came on and we started to sing
The honeymoon phase was a little bit tricky
You started skipping skips, and I thought we got sticky
What was a skip without my Skipping Club Wife?
Would this be my fate? Would you skip out my life?
Newly skip-wedlocked I began to feel cautious
But as it turned out you was just really nauseous…
Crampy with morning sickness, in bed until three…
We’re having a Skipping Club Baby, OH EM GEE!!!
I was so overjoyed when you told me the news
And now 9 months later, you’re about to bust a fuse
Out will come a baby who’ll grow up to be a child
With legs made for skipping, that kid will go wild!

Pregnant Venetia Henna

Henna by Rozina!

Excited and happy, expressive and free
That kid will love skipping just like you and me.
But when they get older, like middle school
Will they skip to their locker? Will they still think it’s cool?
I see it’s our duty to make that Skipping joy stay
From their first baby step to their graduation day
To college, to work, down the aisle, down the street
Their world will shine bright, it would be quite the feat
But what if it wasn’t just our Skipping Baby?
What if it were kids from everywhere, maybe?
What if that joy could be bottled and delivered
To underserved schools and teen moms who quivered
At the thought of not making their child so happy
In skipping there’s peace, there’s joy, and it’s sappy…


Skipping Club Summer 14 is upon us
And I know there is something we can do, to be honest
You asked if I’d be your baby’s Fairy Godmother
It’s an honor, a pleasure, a privilege like no other!
But here is my question that I have for you:
Will you be my Skipping Club Fairy Godmother, and make all dreams come true?

Venetia be my Skipping Club Fairy Godmother