All I want to do is DANCE! Wait, wrong popstar.

ARTPOP on Make A Gif

I want to wake up, dress up, get on the train going anywhere with my new “coca cola” JBL flip speakers, and goddamnit I WANT TO DANCE!!! Take me to your planet.

gaga applause

There is nothing more liberating than watching people on the subway go from snobbish and judgmental to warm and fuzzy and free, asking for a business card.


I visited Lady Gaga’s #ARTPOP pop up last week, which took place in the late Alexander McQueen’s meatpacking store. A moment, please.


Although I expected a bit more of it… that it would be more of a wild gaga jungle of dress up and juicy thrills, it served as the perfect personal time for me. I went alone after getting flaked on by a date (rockstars, ugh), and most of the time I spent doing what one might call a Little Monster Meditation: Sitting on the #artpop floor with my eyes closed… then opening them up and writing what pours out. Gaga catalyzed some amazing ideas and inspirations. Because that’s what Gaga does… she gives the world great ideas and inspirations. She GIVES them, because she takes ACTION. She turns her dreams and wishes for the world into artistic masterpieces.

gaga phone

And I turn my phone into her masterpiece, her Jester face popping up every time I get a call. The jester, who lives for the applause, who seeks to please his audience despite its inherent self-sacrifice, who feels satisfied doing it, who humors it all, lives for it all, dies for it all.


Unapologetic about her message.

gaga joni

Fearlessly committed to her vision, which is the only thing Lady Gaga needs to do to make her fans happy.

gaga michelle joni

Some people make a living off of her, like this gal, who walked into the pop up shop just as I was about to leave. “I’m Renée Cole, The Lady Gaga Experience.” she told me. “I play Gaga for events all around the country. I just got back from Texas.”


Get it, girl! I bet Gaga loves it, too. I mean, if somebody started a Michelle Joni Experience show, I’d be the first in line for tickets.

one second i'm a koons then suddenly the koons is me

I downloaded ARTPOP and I danced and I danced and I danced danced danced my way home. I dance home all the time, but this dance sesh was elevated. It was clearer. A little less inhibited. Bursting more from my core.

my artpop could mean anything

What I signed in there is between me, myself and Gaga. (And these will one day be in my closet.)

gaga outfits

My favorite songs on the album? Aura and Applause.


I’m not a wandering slave I am a woman of choice.

gaga applause lyrics

Do you wanna see me naked, lover?
Do you wanna peek underneath the cover?
Do you wanna see the girl who lives behind the aura, behind the aura?
Do you wanna touch me, cosmic lover?
Do you wanna peek underneath the cover?
Do you wanna see the girl who lives behind the aura?
Behind the aura, behind the aura, behind the aura?

gaga applause

Enigma popstar is FUN!

Don Henley too.