A while back when I was getting my business cards made, I knew they had to be square and matte and bright white; what I didn’t know was what size they should be.

My options:

1.5 X 1.5 inches, the standard square size that tucks away neatly in between other business cards.

2 X 2 inches, the size that sticks out like a sore thumb in a stack of business cards and doesn’t quite fit in your wallet.

I reached out on Facebook for opinions, and the majority vote was for the small one, with some very strong advisories against having a bigger than usual business card. And I appreciate them all, I do!

But in the end, I get strong advisories all the time that I appreciate but ultimately ignore… because it’s more satisfying to just do the thing you want to do.

After the votes, I realized what I truly wanted: I wanted big. Awkward, lost and out of place, just like me. Next time it’ll be a postcard. No, a poster! Oh, you don’t want to tote around a life-size styrofoam cutout of me holding my logo like a frisbee? Well then clearly we are not meant to do business together.