This brilliant documentary about Freda Kelly, the ever-loyal Beatles Fan Club Secretary of 11 years, will make your heart go Yeah, Yeah, YEAHHH.

Because She Loves You. And you know, she would go to the moon and back to fulfill on your Beatles request. Maybe not the moon, but definitely to Ringo’s house.

Good Ol Freda Movie Poster

This was Freda’s first time telling her story in 50 years; The Beatles couldn’t pick a humbler lady. Or a sassier one. They loved their Freda. I loved her too before I saw the movie, but even moreso after seeing it. Her ability to serve is absolutely mindblowing.

The movie made its public debut at Chicago Fest 2013 with a standing ovation… and a marriage proposal from Mark Hudson to boot.

A few weeks later, straight off the plane from Burning Man, we reconvened for the NYC Premiere. It’s opening in new cities across the country every week, check for a vibrant splash of Beatles history near you.

Freda Kelly Lapidos Family Billy J Kramer

From left: Good Ol’ Freda Producer Kathy McCabe, Mark Lapidos, Michelle Joni, Billy J Kramer, Freda Kelly, Carol Lapidos