::::This is my FABoratory Experiment::::

FIFTY years ago The Beatles said HELP! They put it on their album cover. They made a movie about it. They made it sexy to cry out in humble desperation! It’s not always easy to ask for HELP! but thank to John Lennon’s suave and guttural confidence, there is HOPE in HELP!

But, I ask you: what is even more effective, long term and suave than straight up asking for HELP?


With a song.

The Joni-Combustion Engine that was needed to catalyze this video into existence caused a multi-layered cake of ::magic:: HELP! to fall in my lap.

 I could stop here, but then you wouldn’t get to be part of it!

Won’t you please, please HELP! me?

If I have inspired or impacted you in any way, if you would like to skip the line into my ::magic:: realm, pick one of these methods of HELP!ing me in my mission to make the whole world smile! Thank you for being part of my Uni-Verse and indulging my fantasies… this one included!

Here are FOUR ways:


Perhaps we’re friends on social media, maybe you come to my parties, one way or another you follow my work… and you want to be an active part of what I do. YAY, I love you and I am so glad! I have a whole bunch of Kitty Assignments – aka tasks and ways that you can HELP! me. Part of this is helping me manage 30+ social media platforms, and help me share all the things. If getting into my ::magic:: world is exciting to you and you’ve got a little time to commit and volunteer, email michelle@michellejoni.com with some of your top skills and interests as they pertain to all the things I do

*{}* Give your TestiJonial *{}*

How have I impacted your life – either virtually or in real life or both? Do you have a TestiJonial to share? Make a short video clip or write something to share how I have HELP!ed you, and share it to my Facebook page! We could wait till I’m dead for you to spill it, but I’m kind of into making things happen while alive.

$$$$ FUND the QUEEN of FUN $$$$

Make a donation to the Joniverse! to HELP! support my work and art! Let’s cut to the chase (bank, kind of)… I don’t care so much for money, but it sure comes in handy for now.  Most of the content I produce is for free, I do healing for free, I entertain for free, and I love not having to think too much about it. While I’m busy figuring out an alternative currency, I’m super grateful for all those who have immense faith in what I’m doing and know that anything you give me will go to very good use!

BONUS: If you are very rich and are curious as to how the Queen of Fun would spend your Million Dollars to make serious amounts of awesome happen, GET AT ME!

<3 SHARE <3

Share this post, share this video! And when you do, don’t forget to share what YOU need HELP! with too.
It’s a manifestation game.
Everybody’s waiting to HELP! you, you just have to ask…