Men with a PULSE!
Ya better recognize
The Queen of impulse
I’ll stop and adore you
Your smile, I lure you
Right into my fantasy
another mini cure, for you too
Human interaction
on the streets of New York City
Well isn’t it a pity
That we aren’t being witty
With each other on the reg?
Bouncing life vibrations
For a moment, please, I beg!
All those other boring guys
They missed it in their hurry
My vibes repel against your wall
It mighta been real blurry
To look me in the eye with passion
for a ration of connection
A moment lasts a lifetime, why avoid perfection?

A total babe, a knockout
A Goddess in the flesh
The source of life, a slice of wife
A moment’s got me meshing
With the meaning in my mind
Lady modest and demure
Worshipped all the same
Because these men see right past it, into your fiery soul.

I love you, men who are not afraid
to open your mouths to share what is going on in your heads
For embracing your truth
And for trusting me to do with it what I may.
Giving me permission enjoy it
If you can’t feel how enchanted this moment is
I invite you back on the merry go round.
Watch the beautiful people go by….
Or do something about it.