On the very last morning in Black Rock City, Kitty began to speak again after 36 hours of silence. Kitty learned the value of silence, and what happens when you stop thinking of what to say next. From this moment on, I never spoke or thought the same again. I was reborn, and Kitty was here to stay.


I didn’t take pictures the whole week, I wanted it for me, me, ME! All of it, a succulent memory imprinted on my brain, new ways of being coming powerfully into into play.


For this one shoot I did do, I enlisted passersby as my photographers, and we engaged in intimate giving and taking sessions, just the way I like them.

No attachments, just moments. Any of which can last forever.

:: check back another time ::

this blog post is poised for growth, Kitty can’t show you all her cards at once now can she?