With a bit of play, indulgence and everyday theater, I’ll take you on an adventure that you’re least expecting.

Choose your ::magic::


Change your outfit, change the world! Whether you're looking for a little more pattern on pattern in your life or ready to reinvent yourself for a turn in career path, I'll help you come into the wardrobe of your dreams, a powerful magnet for success. On any budget, at any size, we'll work some sheer ::magic:: (leather and cupro ::magic:: too), visiting my favorite boutiques, vintage shops, cheapie secrets and wig wonderlands in the city. Let's have some sartorial fun, shall we?


  • At-home wardrobe consultation
  • Three hours of shopping
  • Prepaid shopping expenses... so you don't have to think about a thing


In this unusual mind-body adventure with the country's top spa-lebrity (and hedonist, perhaps), you'll be treated to a customized journey into my favorite sweet spots. We were put here to enjoy every earthly comfort there is, and by golly we will do just that. Available for individuals or small groups.


  • A spa treatment to suit your needs and desires
  • A delicious meal
  • A party, however we choose to define it.
  • Surprises!


If you're looking for new batch of photographs of you, consider this one. Because I can't think of a better way to spend a day than playing dress up and taking pictures! First we marry our wardrobes and I style you... into the many different manifestations of yourself. The dueling photo shoot gives us both a chance to play the model and the photographer, pulling the animal out of one another, feeling the power of creating an environment from both ends.


  • Four hours of styling and photography
  • Beautifully re-touched images for your unlimited personal use
  • Studio space available, location shoots optional


  • Professional hair and makeup

blog posts

  • TOMORROW IS THE DAY official video

    TOMORROW IS THE DAY official video

    THE OFFICIAL VIDEO Directed and made by Jason Morrison Buy the song! :: TIHS IS MY CREATIVE PROCESS :: Tomorrow is the Day Written in a day, recorded in a day, fueled by many years of exasperation in the Joniverse TOMORROW IS THE DAY… you better believe it!!! I better believe it too!


  • Preschool Mastermind March 2017

    Preschool Mastermind March 2017

    BEST NEWS EVER…. PRESCHOOL MASTERMIND  IS BACK!!!! PRE YOUR MIND AND REST WILL FOLLOW HAPPENING NEXT: BROOKLYN // MARCH 2017 You think you know….. but you have no idea! Wait… you have YES ideas. YOU HAVE SO MANY IDEAS…. How about this idea: YOU, going back to preschool. In real life. YES, now is your chance to be part of the globally prestigious preschool for adults, Preschool Mastermind! :::: EARLY ENROLLMENT HAS BEGUN :::: :::: Download your application now :::: Imagine what you might find if you open up your channel to the things you knew as a child. Being …



  • FUN for FOURS and FIVES

    FUN for FOURS and FIVES

    THIS is ME and CHARLOTTE!!!  Charlotte and I met in Preschool at The Y… the YMYWHA-JCC Early Childhood center of Bergen County, to be exact. We were 3 when we met, but our friendship blossomed when we turned 4 a month later. A Fun-Four-Fact: Charlotte is just four days older than me. (Happy birthday, girl!) We had a blast together — we became fast BFFs as we navigated the sand box, noodle art, and icky boys together. We sat next to each other, buddy’d up at every chance we got, and had play dates galore! Her mom made grilled cheeses …


  • The Original Peter Pan: I Won’t Grow Up! just SiDe-WaYs

    The Original Peter Pan: I Won’t Grow Up! just SiDe-WaYs

    PAN just came out in theaters this past weekend! And so, because people are probably googling about it, I thought it would be a good time to share with you a very ominous thing I did in fourth grade: I played Peter Pan in Peter Pan. Thanks to my dad’s diligent videography, the evidence remains, and there you have it. I said it! I WON’T GROW UP! Like to see somebody try and make me!! Earlier this year, Preschool Mastermind ignited a global conversation about play… and a very playful one! One topic that caught fire in many interviews, articles …



  • Play Date Calendar

    Play Date Calendar

    Want to know what’s coming up this month in the JoniVerse? It’s hard for ME to even keep up with all the events and parties happening here, I sometimes wish I had a direct IV feed from my calendar veins to yours… and so it shall be! I’m opening up direct access into my Google calendar. Add these Play Dates to your calendar too, get out there and be fabulous with me… let’s have some fun!!! <3


  • Preschool Mastermind Summer S’Cool 2015

    Preschool Mastermind Summer S’Cool 2015

    Get on the waiting list for Fall! The world has spoken: GROWNUPS, it’s time to get your PRESCHOOL ON!!! Wowsers. I knew Preschool Mastermind was a good idea, but never did I think it would go absolutely viral the way it has! I’m completely inspired. I’m inspired to continue to break down and articulate my preschool philosophy into tangible ways people can benefit from it. I’m inspired by the support and curiosity from people all over the world. This is more than a stirring… and science is on board: playing and using your imagination are absolutely vital to your personal …



  • Cupcake Confides: Why Preschool?

    Cupcake Confides: Why Preschool?

    BY :: CUPCAKE There comes a time in every adult’s life where the sirens call of arts and crafts takes us away from the board meeting table and into imaginative day dreams of sand box castles and finger painting. To a free timer in our lives when grades were stickers saying a job well done and your art was proudly hung on your parents refrigerator. Wasn’t life was good back then. When you lived in a world where any old object was a toy with which you explored the every shifting boundaries of the possible. Is that a spoon? NO! …


  • Michelle Joni’s Crowning TEDxYouth Talk

    Michelle Joni’s Crowning TEDxYouth Talk

    My TEDx talk is now online!!!! This TEDx moment is a glimpse into my imagined world, where everybody gets to wear a crown, and ::magic:: is everywhere. It was part of TEDxYouth day, which took place in over 100 schools around the world. I’m thrilled to be part of this Worlds Imagined movement. Watch it, hear it, know it, pass it on and be ROYAL, my friends! Look at all the lovely photos my mom took.    





    ~~~AS SEEN IN~~~ Business Insider, VICE, Wall Street Journal, ABC,Village Voice, Buzzfeed, NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, Daily Mail, People, Hello Giggles, Village Voice. BROKELYN, Jezebel, @Midnight with Chris Hardwick, CHASING, PIX11, The Black Guy Who Tips, Gothamist, COSMOPOLITAN (written by one of our preschoolers – her first published piece ever! yay #dreamscomingtrue) Psychology Today (another one of our rockin’ preschoolers) and OMG we totally cannot even keep up. Thank you for stopping by, from wherever in the world (wide web) you found us! Our inner child feels very loved, and our inner grownup is incredibly grateful. PRESCHOOL MASTERMIND SUMMER S’COOL 2015 APPLY NOW! LOVE LOVE LOVE Imagine… if you could go back to preschool. And imagine… if I was …


  • I’M ON :::: TIME

    I’M ON :::: TIME

    I ordered myself a 30th Birthday present. it came 4 days late. And when i posted this on Facebook, the best thing happened: somebody wanted one for a friend! And so I made one. Because Catinca time exists too. But wait, what about you? And soooo, this is officially the first product in my new ZAZZLE store: THE JONI. 🙂 I have been loving this daily reminder on my wall, and I love it even more that there could be LOTS more people out there with this very same reminder! Let’s connect daily in time and space with personalized rainbow …





    the orgasm project has begun. Super ::excited:: to share that I am now working on ORGASM! This new investigative book, in which Linda Troeller photographs 25 women in the height of self-made pleasure after reminiscing with Marion Schneider on their first and strongest orgasms, will drop in November. And I don’t mean in the pool, although water IS always fun.  I’m going to be heading up a social media campaign + nyc summer book party… At the root it’s about women’s liberation, and it is honestly a dream to be able to create in such an important space. The foreplay has begun …






  • The Fashiongasm

    The Fashiongasm

    On the eve of the TILLYandWILLIAM Spring 2014 show, Clarence de Vil of BLINDSPECS got a first look at the collection. Clearly, he stayed the night. And that’s what we call a Fashiongasm from TILLYandWILLIAM on Vimeo.


  • Go big or go home

    Go big or go home

    A while back when I was getting my business cards made, I knew they had to be square and matte and bright white; what I didn’t know was what size they should be. My options: 1.5 X 1.5 inches, the standard square size that tucks away neatly in between other business cards. 2 X 2 inches, the size that sticks out like a sore thumb in a stack of business cards and doesn’t quite fit in your wallet. I reached out on Facebook for opinions, and the majority vote was for the small one, with some very strong advisories against …



  • TILLYandWILLIAM :: An American Revolution

    TILLYandWILLIAM :: An American Revolution

    TILLYandWILLIAM :: American [R]evolution from TILLYandWILLIAM on Vimeo. for // TILLYandWILLIAM SS14 Runway Show backdrop photographs // jessica lapidos [tilly] photo editing // ben mobley music // sky white tiger video mashup // michelle joni #artonartonartonartonart


  • Play Time with Natasha Blank

    Play Time with Natasha Blank

    She’s a DJ, a healer, a dancer, a mover and a shaker… all at the same time. Natasha Blank is dropping a beat at the intersection of nightlife and wellness, bringing together partiers who keep it fit and dancers who like it hot. Natasha came over to my place the other day to play. She’s upping her DJ game and wanted a new look match. With someone who shines so bright, it was easy to bring the BAM. And the WHAM. Thank you, ma’am. She’s got eyes to heal you, a soul to move you.  Head to toe TILLYandWILLIAM, she’s …



  • Waxing, relaxing and dishing out ::magic::

    Waxing, relaxing and dishing out ::magic::

    Back in March I was invited to bring my ::magic:: to Renew Yourself, a spring beauty event by Green Beauty Team. Along with the ::magic:: came my wigs. They change things, they do. The National Institute for Play believes that it is essential for play to be woven into the fabric of our social interactions, and that doing so transforms our personal health, our relationships, the education we provide for our children, as well as the capacity of our corporations to innovate in creative ways. The room agrees:  So does Foo Foo. And these chicks. Be catalyst for a change …


  • The bearded ladyboy

    The bearded ladyboy

    How does a ladyboy hide her five o’clock shadow in time to host the Gay Cabaret? Lipstick, I say. Bright red lipstick, blended with concealer, much dedication, and VOILA, a very lovely ladyboy she it makes. In a land far, far away called Philadelphia, the good people sought out the one and only Kevin Darling to host their special cabaret dinner party. Oh, Darling, your very first drag show! They’ll never know. Tell me, how does it feel? To be a star on the rise? Rehearsing those lip syncs in your mind, feeling the tug of your hair in all …


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