Skip, dance and learn about Skipping Club Summer 2014!

:: live recording ::



Creative friends… YOU, on the self-designed journey that makes your heart explode with vibrant purpose, the one you agonize over, the one that scares you to death… check it:

It’s a Virtual Skip and Dance Party.

I teamed up with Jess Grippo, an enormous creative inspiration in my life who has helped me immensely as part of her Thriving Artist Program. We  met up on Google Hangout (me, live from LA!) for a creative spark session. Because Skipping Club is a direct result of my creative process, I’m specifically shaping Skipping Club to guide YOUR creative, process too. Do you want to get back into painting? Are there people you need to contact in order to get your project off the ground? Weekly check-ins to make sure YOU ARE KICKING ASS in your journey. A Memberskip means holding you accountable for completing your weekly to-do’s, and doing it joyfully.  Let’s hold hands and take a leap, and let’s boogie in this thing together. Enjoy! And email me if you have any questions