Kitty was born on the Playa; she sprung to life as The Man came fiercely burning down in the middle of Black Rock City, Burning Man 2013, her first time. Who is kitty? Kitty observes. Kitty contemplates before she pounces. Kitty can decipher intuition. Kitty holds the power, and kitty knows the only way to serve others is to be present. Kitty loves to feel her emotions, even the bad ones. Kitty gets her way where Michelle Joni doesn’t know how to. Kitty isn’t much a fan of shirts. And Kitty isn’t scared of anything, because Kitty has nine lives.

playa virgin kitty glasses

Michelle Joni is highly allergic to cats, so it’s surprising the two get a long so well. Scientists muse that what has happened is caused by a phenomenon called Social Media Osmosis, a condition wherein one can actually become the subject of one’s social media client. Michelle Joni has managed the KITTYWALK Facebook Page since 2009, and has a robust collection of “adorable kitties,” “funny cats,” and “fishy felines” saved on her computer. She is a virtual cat lady.

She is… Kitty.



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    I LOVE MY CAT CALLERS Men with a PULSE! Ya better recognize The Queen of impulse I’ll stop and adore you Your smile, I lure you Right into my fantasy another mini cure, for you too Human interaction on the streets of New York City Well isn’t it a pity That we aren’t being witty With each other on the reg? Bouncing life vibrations For a moment, please, I beg! All those other boring guys They missed it in their hurry My vibes repel against your wall It mighta been real blurry To look me in the eye with passion …




    As a Jew, I’ve never been particularly excited for Christmas morning. I never got to wake up with hundreds of presents under the Christmas tree, never had a Christmas celebration to call my own. Santa envy! And so this year, I was kind of excited that I had a reason to get excited in a Christmassy way. SantaCon was coming to town, and Skipping Club had plans to tear right through it! Dressed as toys.. the skipping presents/presence. But the morning of SKIPSMAS arrived, and shit. my left eye was the size of a fucking Christmas ornament. There was something …



  • :: ridiculously perfect ::

    :: ridiculously perfect ::

    if you’re perfect & you know it you are set for life. Your body, flawless! Your bank account, exactly the right amount – to the PENNY. All those dumb embarrassing things you’ve said – totally sly on your subconscious’s part! It was perfect, let me tell you. All the chaos in your life is just simply conspiring to show you things, to take you places, to make you uncomfortable and confused and resourceful so that you can discover a New Way and come into your soul’s process of absolute perfection. If it’s not perfect now, and now, and now… it will never be. So today’s BRAINBOW is your mantra, and I …


  • Space Kitty Sitting Pretty

    Space Kitty Sitting Pretty

    The ghosts of Hollow. They got Kitty. They left a bag of cotton balls in my room. They delivered me white face paint. They gave me absolutely no use for this hat whilst on the Playa. And so tonight, I was theirs. The ghosts, they whisked me away on a midnight spaceship going anywhere. There in the outer space, we stumbled into Susanne Bartsch’s Halloween Ball on a planet called Buddakan. Space Kitty observes. What more glorious thing could there be to do at the most colorfully-clad Halloween fete in the universe than admire others… while being admired? It’s silent …



  • Oh, Darling :: Kitty & The Milkman Debut

    Oh, Darling :: Kitty & The Milkman Debut

    Kitty & The Milkman, the new cabaret sensation of Bartschland! Photography // Jessica Lapidos Birthday Outfit // Kevin Darling But then, in the dark of the night, the darkness settles. Darling, please believe me. I’ll never do you no harm, I’ve told you this so many times before. I’ve told you this four times tonight, not counting the sound check. Believe me when I tell you, I’ll never do you no harm. Why do you disbelieve, why do you scathe me so, throwing me into a spin? With your piercing, pointed, purely stated push, I don’t mean to push back… …


  • Skipping off to find Kitty

    Skipping off to find Kitty

    :: coming soon ::



  • Seeing things? Good.

    Seeing things? Good.

    To see you with. To hear you with. To feel you with. Kitty’s eyes are sly yet wide open. :: Made by Milani Infinite Liquid Eyeliner in three shades on acid. ::


  • Stay open too long, you’ll catch something yucky.

    Stay open too long, you’ll catch something yucky.

    Know when to be open Know know when to close. Close it DOWN, gurl. When you’re open to absorbing everyone’s feelings and opinions and the world at large, it makes you a great listener and communicator. Open is a beautiful place to be. But it’s also draining when overused. You have to know when to close down shop and take it inside. Otherwise you’re just a sponge with no brillo. Kitty won’t let you get away with that.



  • Extreme spirituality at the Ashram

    Extreme spirituality at the Ashram

    Burning Man // In a plush, spiritual playa haven known as the Ashram, I found myself cozied up by the bookshelf on more than one occasion. First I read from Falling Up… I never realized before then how accurate that book name is for what life should be. Then, a book found me: Extreme Spirituality by Tolly Burkan, a book about using extreme physical activities to test the ego’s limits. I highly recommend it, as the concepts really hit home when you’re thinking about with extreme physicality. Send me an email ( if you pick it up… it’s serious breakthrough …


  • Kitty emerges

    Kitty emerges

    On the very last morning in Black Rock City, Kitty began to speak again after 36 hours of silence. Kitty learned the value of silence, and what happens when you stop thinking of what to say next. From this moment on, I never spoke or thought the same again. I was reborn, and Kitty was here to stay. I didn’t take pictures the whole week, I wanted it for me, me, ME! All of it, a succulent memory imprinted on my brain, new ways of being coming powerfully into into play. For this one shoot I did do, I enlisted …


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