Kitty was born on the Playa; she sprung to life as The Man came fiercely burning down in the middle of Black Rock City, Burning Man 2013, her first time. Who is kitty? Kitty observes. Kitty contemplates before she pounces. Kitty can decipher intuition. Kitty holds the power, and kitty knows the only way to serve others is to be present. Kitty loves to feel her emotions, even the bad ones. Kitty gets her way where Michelle Joni doesn’t know how to. Kitty isn’t much a fan of shirts. And Kitty isn’t scared of anything, because Kitty has nine lives.

playa virgin kitty glasses

Michelle Joni is highly allergic to cats, so it’s surprising the two get a long so well. Scientists muse that what has happened is caused by a phenomenon called Social Media Osmosis, a condition wherein one can actually become the subject of one’s social media client. Michelle Joni has managed the KITTYWALK Facebook Page since 2009, and has a robust collection of “adorable kitties,” “funny cats,” and “fishy felines” saved on her computer. She is a virtual cat lady.

She is… Kitty.