I’m on a meditation merry-go-round, indeed. I don’t like to talk about it because it makes me feel like a failure. Here I am, I just curated an ashram centered around The Beatles’ journey with Transcendental Meditation, a mantra-based meditation I invested in learning over a year ago. Yet to be really honest, it’s very rare I clear the time to clear my head. There I said it. I suck at making time for meditation, or doing anything consistently, for that matter! I haven’t even been blogging and filling this site with all the sartorial and synchronistic juggernauts disrupting this alternate-universe, strange and unrealized vision I have to be a morning person who rises and shines and meditates, eats a wholesome breakfast and blogs from her heart as rays of 7am sunshine warm her body through the window. It would help if there was window that let sunlight into my apartment.

At any rate. Josh Max, famous for his “Beatle Salad Bar” which he performed brilliantly in the Fest Cavern, understands my merry-go-round so well that he wrote me a song about it over the weekend. A song about Michelle Joni!!! Music to my ears, literally.

It was sparked by this post of mine on Facebook. Well played Mr. Max… you are SO FREAKING COOL!




The lyrics:



And… a brief commentary on songwriting via this email from Josh Max (which I find totally inspiring as a possibly-aspiring songwriter). When you get inspired, do it NOW, do not delay, for the fire may dissolve away. Also, a commentary on the state of my existence at 5:24 am… clearly my early morning rise and shine did not start that next day.



Now off to ride my pony into the night! No time to meditate again because I was writing this blog post. SEEEE!!!??

Tell me, do you have trouble staying on track with your meditation practice? What techniques do you use to hold yourself accountable?