the orgasm project has begun.

Super ::excited:: to share that I am now working on ORGASM! This new investigative book, in which Linda Troeller photographs 25 women in the height of self-made pleasure after reminiscing with Marion Schneider on their first and strongest orgasms, will drop in November. And I don’t mean in the pool, although water IS always fun.  I’m going to be heading up a social media campaign + nyc summer book party… At the root it’s about women’s liberation, and it is honestly a dream to be able to create in such an important space. The foreplay has begun at @orgasm_project (Instagram), please follow along if you feel called! If any of my friends are interested in stimulating a new global dialogue about female orgasm and sexuality, or you are in the industry of pleasure, I’m looking for you… please ::pleeease:: reach out!

Also, if you catch me masturbating at my desk from here on in I am only doing my job.