if you’re perfect & you know it

you are set for life.

Your body, flawless! Your bank account, exactly the right amount – to the PENNY. All those dumb embarrassing things you’ve said – totally sly on your subconscious’s part! It was perfect, let me tell you. All the chaos in your life is just simply conspiring to show you things, to take you places, to make you uncomfortable and confused and resourceful so that you can discover a New Way and come into your soul’s process of absolute perfection.
If it’s not perfect now, and now, and now… it will never be.
So today’s BRAINBOW is your mantra, and I want you to say it.
“I’m so perfect, it’s ridiculous!”

Yeah, it’s totally ridiculous, right? Mantras. Perfection. HAH!

Spirituality has all sorts of handy tools to cheat yourself into feeling better about your problems! It’s wonderful. But on the other hand, so does hiding them away – which I’d say is the opposite of spirituality. You can live a perfectly “PERFECT” existence when you’re not feeling your feelings, it’s all about the show!

Sometimes I’m reminded of this when sitting at my desk, writing this very email about my frustrations as a perfectionist writer, scaling the cliffs of vulnerability, wondering how much of this process I should reveal, ranting on about my inadequacies, until my roommate Kevin, Darling strolls by in my bathrobe, crooning the convincing words of a Melissa Manchester classic, “Don’t cry out loud! Just keep it inside. Learn how to hide your feelings. Fly high and proud!” And I remember that I too, am a drag queen at heart, and I cut and paste my thoughts far away into a note that shall not be seen by other humans until it’s hanging in a museum.
So here’s the deal. This email is not perfect. It contains dangling loose storyline ends. I’m surely forgetting links. And events. I’ll always think I could go deeper, connect the dots better, give you more helpful tidbits, be more authentic, more interesting, more self absorbed, less self absorbed, less salesy, more salesy, more direct, more discreet, more artsy, more factual, and I’ll always wish i did a gif. My message is an eternal loop. It’ll never be perfect, and I’m going to fucking send it anyway.Unless… maybe… just maybe… could it be perfect just the way it is?Rainbow Dot Line

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