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Imagine… if you could go back to preschool.
And imagine… if I was the teacher.


This is the first ever PRESCHOOL MASTERMIND 

From the laughter and glitter-dusted trail of the nationally-recognized Skipping Club, I introduce to you a brand new course for grownups to re-learn the basics, and experience the ::magic:: of life as it was originally intended. Guess what: You still CAN be anything you want when you grow up! And this class will give you the hands-on wisdom, intuition and playfulness you need to get there.

In this one-month adventure*, we’ll explore preschool concepts, like sharing and friendship, in order to apply and inject play, wonder, self-belief, and community into our grown-up lives.

– arts and crafts (finger-paint, play dough, glitter glue, YES PLEASE) 
– show and tell (share your material stories to uncover clues on your spiritual path) 
– snack time (with themes planned by you!) 
– music time (with special rockstar guests)
– nap time (the best time ever)

– lessons and playsheets (learning is FUN!) 
– buddy system (a BFF to keep you accountable for awesomeness) 
– games (i mean, does anyone remember how much fun musical chairs is?)   
– make believe (your imagination is needed!) 
– class picture day (dress your 4-year-old best)
– a field trip, obviously  
– All students will be given homework in the form of challenges, prompts, playsheets. Expect to get out of your ordinary routine and leave a trail of ::magic::!

Something you may not know about me is that I have nearly half a degree in Early Childhood Education. I wanted to be a preschool teacher for many years, so that is what I originally went to college for! I love preschoolers, and we connect on a serious level. But then I realized that career path meant being chained to a classroom and told that my butt can’t show… AT ALL. 
So I switched to Fashion Merchandising.

For the Preschool Mastermind I’m rounding up all my skillz in order to teach preschool to those who just may, in fact, need it most.

photo by Hanna Agar Photography

I’m also VERY excited to introduce you to the most fabulous Miss CanCan, the Assistant Teacher of Preschool Mastermind! She used to be a preschool teacher abroad (CanCan is the Mom Most Traveled, after all) and has fantastic insights, puns, a Master’s in Teaching, and imagination. We’ve been having a blast spontaneously coming up with lesson plans, and can’t wait to do them all with you.  Fun… is FUN!

Photo by Hanna Agar Photography

By the way… you can call me Miss Joni. Or Miss Kitty… but now we’re getting into alter-egos… we’ll talk more about then when school starts. 😉

photo by Hanna Agar Photography



Speaking of which, it’s TIME TO APPLY KIDDIES!!! Weeee! Registration has begun.

There will be only 10 students in the first class – grownup boys and girls – a play incubator of sorts. I’m looking for a super mix of bright-minded people on the rise, intent on making play more part of their life – both personally and for the world at large.

Naptime at Preschool Mastermind. Photo by Hanna Agar Photography

It will be an intimate group, and to learn more about YOU, Miss CanCan and I have put together an application form to get to know you. Please note, they must be PRINTED and filled out BY HAND. Think markers, crayons, paint… perhaps this means a trip to the art store — ohh fun! Please read carefully (because this time around, you can read). Most importantly, HAVE FUN with it!


But this isn’t just for us to get to know you… it’s also a form to get to know YOURSELF. It’s a great way to tap into that fiery four-year-old inside of us that has so much to offer. I highly recommend printing these out and doing this exercise for yourself, whether or not you plan to apply.

Print the PDF here.

Preschool Pre and Price

preschool application page A


preschool forms