In #skippingclub, everybody will be famous for 15 minutes.

When :: Thursday, June 19th, 2PM
Where :: Secret location Williamsburg! Must register online to find out where. (Unless you are a super sleuth and can figure it out based on a certain photo upload last night…)

During this skip, we’ll take a Warholian approach to our afternoon with a *SECRET* Skipping Factory adventure through Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Along our approximate 1.1 mile skipping route, set to the tune of albums Warhol-designed albums, we’ll get a ‘hol workout, we’ll make mischief, we’ll explore our inner shamelessly-creative genius, and we’ll land at a matchless destination for food, drink and artistic allure.

This skip is co-hosted by the one, the only ReW AsTeRiCk of the *ReW & WhO* LIVE weekly web show… where everybody’s famous for 15 minutes. ReW, ReW, skip to my ReW!

Warhol ReW Candyland

Zoom in on the SKIPPING LAND board!

And the day before the skip, Wednesday July 18th I am the WhO! I’ve been on the show twice before (see all my *ReW & WhO* appearances here!), but this time I could not be more excited to co-host.

ReW and Michelle JOni

Featured on the show this week, among seven local rising starz, will be JaNnA PeLLe, pop pianist, songwriter and the other half of Michelle My Pelle. Janna is compiling our Spotify playlist as we speak as the Skipping Club musical director.

As Andy Warhol put it, “Art is what you can get away with.” So let’s get away with some stuff, shall we?

– Bring a picture/video taking device (it can be a phone)
– Wear comfy shoes, pack as light as possible – there will not be a place to store your bags this week.
– Dress for the Skipping Factory. Be a character in Andy Warhol’s world, or dress as your own imagination’s version of the infamous, enigmatic artist… that is YOU.

– We skip rain or shine (but it never rains for Skipping Club!)
– Kids under 18 skip for free every time.
– No sorries in Skipping Club

“Everybody should like everybody.” And in Skipping Club, we do.
See you at the skip <3

11 Days Only :: June 17 – June 27
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If you have any questions at all, email me 🙂 michelle at michellejoni dot com