Name :: Rozina Akhter

Neighborhood :: Midwood, Brooklyn

Neighborhood spot everyone should try :: Ostrovitsky Bakery (they make the best cupcakes and cookies) and Sushi Tokyo (the best sushi place in Midwood)

Age :: 26

Occupation :: Self employed/small business owner and Full Time Mom

Shameless Self Promotion :: Follow me on Instagram! @CHOWDHURY27

How did you discover Skipping Club? :: I discovered Michelle on HONY (Humans of New York). All I saw was a beautiful woman in a pink wig and a pink backpack and it was calling my name: “Dude, you have to do it, you have to skip!” so I decided to send Michelle an email letting her know that I will be at the next Skipping Club!

What is it that keeps you coming back? :: The one and only Michelle Joni has me coming back for more! Seriously, when you meet this wonderful woman you will fall in love with her. She has an amazing personality full of love and energy. When I’m out skipping it makes me feel like I’m a child all over again. And that is exactly what we need, we need to learn to live life, and smile more often, that’s something we adults forget to do. So go out and skip let the inner child in you out, be free!

mom and daughter coney island

One of Rozie’s daughters came to Skipping Club a few times… this little munchkin is one amazing skipper!

What was your favorite Skip, and why? :: My favorite skip was on Valentines Day. That was my very first skip ever I though I was crazy thinking I can’t do this. Half way there I’m still thinking if I should go home or not. Thinking no I have to do this, I have to skip in public so I won’t be afraid to skip with my daughters. After sitting in battery park for half an hour I decided to text Michelle and meet up with her. Michelle shows up with few other fellow skippers in her pink wig and pink backpack along with a dozen roses. I just though omg this women is freakin awesome! We skipped all over 5th ave and gave out roses to people that day. I went home that day thinking I’m so skipping again!

Do you have something unexpected that’s happened to you as a result of Skipping Club? :: Omg I was on my way to skipping one day, this man, a total stranger, gets up from his seat on the train and stands up next to me and says: “This might sound crazy but are you in a skipping club?” He had seen me in Facebook photos. I will have you know that I was a very happy skipper that day.

Do you skip outside of Skipping Club? :: I skip with My two daughters ages 4 and 6. They love to skip everywhere they go. I used to be very embarrassed to skip when my daughters wanted me to, but after skipping with Michelle I skip to their hearts’ desire. Even taking them to school in the morning! I feel proud of this.

Anything else? :: We really make a lot of people smile, and I’m proud to be part of it all.