From the frigid outside, I tumbled into the warmth of Starbucks by Washington Square Park. I was there for a pre-skip latte and the obvious thing you go to Starbucks for: To get your makeup done. I met makeup artist/professional goddess Leora Edut for the first time, and there amidst the creamy wafts of caramel she generously applied a face on me suitable for camera.

The producer’s name is Natalia Osipova, she was the one who emailed me the week before. An editor for the New York Times!! But this was for Cuny TV. (Yes, Cuny apparently has TV.) She was doing segment on the pursuit of happiness, a particular journey she was on herself. Welcome to Skipping Club.

Watch the clip:

One of my second-time skippers Rob Mathews is a tree-climber. He runs a Meetup in Central Park where they monkey around up and down trees for hours on end. So right there, in the wide-open student-tourist crossfire zone, Skipping Club started to climb up trees. Rob climbed up. Rozie made it up! A few others started to climb. I was stopped by lack of upper body strength before I could be stopped by fear of heights. And then, we were stopped by a forceful Washington Square Park ranger.


The guy on the top left, Brent Shumer, was a much-welcomed one-timer who came to Skipping Club for a popular occasion: “A week off of work, looking for weird things to do.” That’s exactly what I looked for in between my last two jobs, back when I had real jobs. I tried a free improv class, and low and behold, I spent the next half a year doing improv.

Our destination was on our right as we finished off the skip heading west down Bleecker street to Pizza Roma, owned by friends of mine from Rome, Andrea Franchini (bottom right in photo below) and¬†Raffaele Dipierdomenico (lives in Rome). It’s the city’s first authentic Roman pizza place, delicious with a light crust, square-shaped “pizza by the cut” as they do in Rome. They treated us to an array of artisanal bites of my favorite European country.


Ciao, ciao!