Skipping Club is thrilled to hook up with Internet Week New York for a second year! This is the last chance to try out Skipping Club before the season starts May 29th. [See full Skipping Club summer schedule here]

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To kick off the skipping season we will be skipping to the future – this skip takes place in 2064, a time when New Yorkers get from place to place primarily by skipping. New York has been declared a Skipping City and it’s all sunshine, rainbows and watermelons.

WTRMLN WTR, the drink of the future, will be giving out complimentary bottles of their delicious, pure watermelon elixir to keep us cool. We’re skipping to Jack’s Sushi and Sliders (food combo of the future), where we’ll have a private back patio area with beer and sliders on the house. Wear comfy shoes and your best 2064 look, all fitness levels welcome, and meet us on the north side of Madison Square Park. We’ll play some games, connect, let our imaginations loose, and make our sci-fi fantasies real as ever.

WTRMLN WTR babydolls

Seasonal Memberskips will be available on site with a special futuristic price-stabilized discount.

More on The Skipping Culture of 2064:

There is now a Skipping Route on Google Maps. Eighty-four per cent the population skips everywhere because they have discovered the broad range of benefit as individuals and the community: It keeps everyone in shape. Obesity rate has plummeted and people’s legs are stronger into old age, keeping 100-year-olds active on their feet. I has also reduced the tardiness epidemic, with 90% of women showing up on time to dates as opposed to the 12% in 2014. It also creates so much happiness that school bullying has ceased, crime rates have dropped to practically zero, and there now exist Laughing Chambers, clear domes placed throughout the city that hold up to 20 people at a time, made to go in and laugh uncontrollably with other people who are laughing uncontrollably.

In fact, it has become so powerful that skipping is sanctioned by the government: when citizens are caught skipping by local authorities, they are given a sticker, a rainbow $2 bill, and a hug.

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