It was faaa-reezing out.

Icy air raced down Broadway, brushed against my rosy cheeks, and challenged my journey to Broadway Nail & Spa. Yearning to get inside my toasty warm beauty haunt where my favorite Asians preen, pamper and prettify my hands and feet, my body involuntary started using a faster mode of transportation. Suddenly, I was skipping. Yes, just skipping along like a 6 year old on the playground, and my arms began to flail. I hadn’t skipped in… uhhh… a decade? But why not! What fun this was! I bounced up Broadway, every stride leaping higher. I realized I was smiling, and my body was physically elated. And… warmer.

And OMG, what was that feeling? My heart was racing… that strange feeling… could it be… exercise? Right there on the crowded street, in a dress, jacket and cowboy boots, I was getting a workout. I couldn’t stop.

How does it feel to be the only person skipping in a sea of walkers? Vulnerable. Strange.¬†Uncomfortable¬† Dorky. But I was having so much fun that I couldn’t imagine stopping. I was having fun and enjoying life; what else mattered? I dismissed any projected judgement coming my way… and instead I found something different. I realized that the faces around me… were smiling. Not that fake, head pulled back kind of smile that spits judgement… but rather, smiles that shined through from somewhere deep within. As though I painted them there, with a twitch of joy and wonderment. Smiling eyes of kinship, delight and connectedness came my way. I wasn’t just skipping for my own good… I sprinkling joy, love and positivity as I passed.

On an endorphin high, I arrived at my nail appointment. “Skipping is soooooooo underrated!!!!” I tweeted and posted on Facebook immediately.

The response was magnetic. I realized there was something ::magic:: about skipping, and I wasn’t going to let that feeling slip away.

With frigid wind whistling by outside, for that next hour I indulged in a manicure and pedicure, my head running (skipping?) wild… and Skipping Club was born.

It would be more than just skipping, I decided. It would be all my philosophies for achieving self-love and happiness, poured into an hour. People will skip. They will skip with me! This was happening, and this was going to start in exactly one week. Who needs a personal trainer to keep you accountable when you can just announce to thousands of people a spontaneous urge that passes through your head?

Ready or not, here we skip.