skipping club valentine's day 2013

My first official skip! The first non-begging-friends-to-come-although-I-never-really-stopped-doing-that skip, and it fell on Valentine’s Day. I was on a total skipping high from the first week, what with my glorious Humans of New York debut, the social media buzz, and a steadily growing Facebook page. On top of that, that morning I got an email from a producer who found us on Meetup and wanted to film us one week for a segment on happiness. I also found out there was someone skipping in ¬†from New Jersey just for Skipping Club. New Jersey, I say!

michelle joni valentine's day jump

Roses are expensive on Valentine’s Day. Can’t a girl just go to the bodega for a $10 bouquet? Nope, come back tomorrow. So I bucked up and got two dozen roses anyway, a red bouquet and a pink one, and they were beautiful. I love buying myself flowers… but this time I had an unknown number of soon-to-be Valentines to give them to! A manicure later, I hopped on a train to Bryant Park to await my guests. I set up camp with my JBL speakers blasting the nascent beginnings of my Skipping Club mix, and then I realized: There were about 7 ‘wichcrafts in the park.

A small part of me thought it’d be like this…


But it was more like this. Mostly people from Meetup and the Facebook group, one friend, and two tourists who hopped on at the last minute. We spread love through midtown, bouncing gleefully past suits and shoppers of fifth avenue, making eye contact with strangers and handing out nearly all the roses.

And with this second skip came my very first Skipping Club sponsor: Lindt. As a kind Valentine’s Day gift, the folks at Lindt on Fifth Avenue agreed to host our after party, serving us a few plates of samples including my favorite, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt.


Speaking of roses, it was this Skipping Club that I first met Rozie, the beauty in the blue coat, who went on to attend the most skips of anyone. Mazel Tov.

This was decidedly my signature Skipping Club pose, as Rozie wanted me to jump for a photo.

And then, I skipped off to lunch with Lindsay Kriger (brown hair on the right), a love expert herself, followed by a love-filled flash mob for which I was the Token Macarena Girl, and a long, romantic and delightfully expensive Valentine’s Day dinner at ilili.