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You have made it to Skipping Club!! I’m so glad you’ve skipped over to this page!

Welcome to the global movement of people who believe in the power of skipping.

Following the nature of the skip.. we’re revving up to be a portal where you can create your own skips and get people to join up anywhere. For now… write me back if this sings to you and you want to get in on the skipping revolution! I honestly just want people skipping all the time, because the streets need those positive vibes.. and I want to give you the tools to meet new skippers anytime at all. Which by the way – just start skipping, and hashtag #skippingclub and tag us on instagram and facebook!

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Skippers on the Beach Boardwalk!

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So, when’s the last time you skipped? Skipping Club is a soulful themed fitness party in motion that brings back the joy of skipping we all experienced as kids… yet has since disappeared from our lives at large. The Skipping Club community supports your quest to be bold in life, live your dreams, and to never skip out on the good stuff. PLAY, dive inside your imagination, and let’s go skipping!


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All fitness levels are welcome! If you think you can’t skip, or if there’s something holding you back, even more of a reason to try it. Each skip includes an approximate 1.1 mile skipping route in a different neighborhood, with inspirational stops, cultural sights and creative side-tours throughout, with curated music, improv-style games, hugs, and a hand-picked food and drink spot. These skips are downright ::magic::… I wish for you to join us for induced skipronicity… and for you to skip out there on your own, too!

Looking for an unforgettable birthday celebration? Bachelorette party? Corporate team-building event? Hire Michelle Joni or a trained skipping leader to bring the play your way. Email us.

photo :: Linda Rosier for The New York Times


Interested in starting a Skipping Club in your city? AMAZING! I can’t wait to connect with you because you are clearly the best person ever. The call to skip is a powerful one – both for your inner journey and your influence in the world.  Send us and email to get started.


We skipped down the rabbit hole at Wanderlust Festival! Watch :: Alice in Wanderlust 

Original #skippingclub vid:

Launched in February of 2013 after a jolt of unexpected skipping joy on the way to a manicure, Skipping Club is back with a summer aimed to bring together a thriving community and help you discover your highest, most confident self. Get out of your comfort zone and skip into a more freeing, comfortable one.

The 80s were a perfect time to skip, no? Thanks FOX!
FOX 5 Storm

Inside the Peppy and Jumpy world of Skipping Club – in the Village Voice

Inside the Peppy and Jumpy World of Skipping Club from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.

Peek inside the 2013 All-White Skip for an 11 minute vicarious skip along with Skipping Club.