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You have made it to Skipping Club!! I’m so glad you’ve skipped over to this page!

Welcome to the global movement of people who believe in the power of skipping.

Following the nature of the skip.. we’re revving up to be a portal where you can create your own skips and get people to join up anywhere. For now… write me back if this sings to you and you want to get in on the skipping revolution! I honestly just want people skipping all the time, because the streets need those positive vibes.. and I want to give you the tools to meet new skippers anytime at all. Which by the way – just start skipping, and hashtag #skippingclub and tag us on instagram and facebook!

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Skippers on the Beach Boardwalk!

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So, when’s the last time you skipped? Skipping Club is a soulful themed fitness party in motion that brings back the joy of skipping we all experienced as kids… yet has since disappeared from our lives at large. The Skipping Club community supports your quest to be bold in life, live your dreams, and to never skip out on the good stuff. PLAY, dive inside your imagination, and let’s go skipping!


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All fitness levels are welcome! If you think you can’t skip, or if there’s something holding you back, even more of a reason to try it. Each skip includes an approximate 1.1 mile skipping route in a different neighborhood, with inspirational stops, cultural sights and creative side-tours throughout, with curated music, improv-style games, hugs, and a hand-picked food and drink spot. These skips are downright ::magic::… I wish for you to join us for induced skipronicity… and for you to skip out there on your own, too!

Looking for an unforgettable birthday celebration? Bachelorette party? Corporate team-building event? Hire Michelle Joni or a trained skipping leader to bring the play your way. Email us.

photo :: Linda Rosier for The New York Times


Interested in starting a Skipping Club in your city? AMAZING! I can’t wait to connect with you because you are clearly the best person ever. The call to skip is a powerful one – both for your inner journey and your influence in the world.  Send us and email to get started.


We skipped down the rabbit hole at Wanderlust Festival! Watch :: Alice in Wanderlust 

Original #skippingclub vid:

Launched in February of 2013 after a jolt of unexpected skipping joy on the way to a manicure, Skipping Club is back with a summer aimed to bring together a thriving community and help you discover your highest, most confident self. Get out of your comfort zone and skip into a more freeing, comfortable one.

The 80s were a perfect time to skip, no? Thanks FOX!
FOX 5 Storm

Inside the Peppy and Jumpy world of Skipping Club – in the Village Voice

Inside the Peppy and Jumpy World of Skipping Club from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.

Peek inside the 2013 All-White Skip for an 11 minute vicarious skip along with Skipping Club.

past skips

  • SKIPSMAS: take two

    SKIPSMAS: take two

    If you haven’t yet read The Kitty Who Stole Skipsmas, I recommend doing that first for the full story! Or if you don’t want to, you can just skip to the bottom of this Kitty has reminded me of something else she has meow’d at me on a number of occasions, then Michelle Joni ignored for reasons of other people’s opinions, money potentialities and basic logic: When I started Skipping Club it was the same day and time every week: Thursdays at 2. For six months. THURSDAYS at 2 that’s it! YES – the most inconvenient time for just about …


  • Brooklyn Bridge Balloon Skip 8/7 :: The Last Signature Skip of Summer!

    Brooklyn Bridge Balloon Skip 8/7 :: The Last Signature Skip of Summer!

    Image by Ashley Davis via ETSY It’s the last official skip of the summer season! Join for the most beautiful workout ever as we skip over the iconic, breathtaking Brooklyn Bridge. – Thursday, August 7th, 2PM – Meet at City Hall – Artists and musicians with their skip-perfect songs and interpretations – BYO BALLOONS! (If you can!) Just like skipping, walking around the city with balloons elevates the vibration and changes the mood. Go on a balloon adventure in the morning, even the day before. Play! Get the party started. Help create the ambiance of the skip. Balloon Saloon is …



  • GREASE! A Skipping Matinee

    GREASE! A Skipping Matinee

    :: UPDATE 7/29 :: DUE TO MICHELLE JONI’S HEALTH, THIS SKIP IS POSTPONED Sell Tickets through Eventbrite Summer days, skipping away, but OH those Skipping Club nights! Thursday, July 31st at 2PM. Meet in Times Square by the red steps at 46th Street and Broadway… it’s the second to last Signature Skip of the summer and it’s time to let your theater out loud and proud. Go Greased Lighting, skipping up the border line! We’re skipping to the legendary GREASE Soundtrack as we hand jive our way through the bustling Broadway district… starting smack dab in the middle of Times …


  • Soaking Wet Skipping Fiesta! Thursday, July 24th

    Soaking Wet Skipping Fiesta! Thursday, July 24th

    Grab an amigo, skip what you’re doing… there are just 3 Signature Skips left this summer season, and it’s Skipping Club FIESTA TIME!!! Online Ticketing for Soaking Wet Skipping TriBeCa Fiesta powered by Eventbrite Last year our Fiesta was at Columbus Circle (check it out in the Village Voice!), but due to fountain construction, we are blessed with a new dose of newness… and we’re heading down to as-yet-uncharted Skipping Club territory: TriBeCa. Meet at Pier 25 at 2PM, Thursday July 24th, to kick off a totally New York afternoon that you’ll never forget— and will burn over 400 calories. …



  • The 80s Pop Star Skip :: 7.17

    The 80s Pop Star Skip :: 7.17

    Thursday, I’m in love! THURSDAY, JULY 17th :: 2PM :: Join us for the 80s POP STAR SKIP! Event Registration Online for 80s Pop Star Skip powered by Eventbrite MEET :: Tompkins Square Park :: Look for Foo Foo Nicks by the statue, just inside the park near the corner of 9th street and Avenue A On this 80s adventure we’ll skip through the most tubular part of town: the EAST VILLAGE Embody your favorite shining 80s star of melodic genius (Cindi, Joan, Prince, bring it!) or come as your very own authentically make believe 80s Pop Star. To the strains of Karma …


  • Superhero Skip n Save The World – for #TONYPELLE

    Superhero Skip n Save The World – for #TONYPELLE

    Sell Tickets Online through Eventbrite Skip-Day UPDATE :: 100% OF DAYSKIPPERS AND DONATIONS FOR TODAY’S SKIP WILL GO TOWARDS THE MDS FOUNDATION FOR #TONYPELLE! Taking donations at the skip too. You know those moments when you get clear on something after realizing you’ve been avoiding a certain reality because you’re afraid of it? Well, just became so clear to me: All donations we receive for today’s skip will go towards the MDS Foundation for #TONYPELLE. Skipping Club’s beloved Musical Director Janna Pelle won’t be there today – her dad Tony Pelle was recently diagnosed with MDS, a rare blood disease. …



  • Warhol’s 15 Minutes of Skipping Fame :: Skip to my ReW

    Warhol’s 15 Minutes of Skipping Fame :: Skip to my ReW

    In #skippingclub, everybody will be famous for 15 minutes. When :: Thursday, June 19th, 2PM Where :: Secret location Williamsburg! Must register online to find out where. (Unless you are a super sleuth and can figure it out based on a certain photo upload last night…) During this skip, we’ll take a Warholian approach to our afternoon with a *SECRET* Skipping Factory adventure through Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Along our approximate 1.1 mile skipping route, set to the tune of albums Warhol-designed albums, we’ll get a ‘hol workout, we’ll make mischief, we’ll explore our inner shamelessly-creative genius, and we’ll land at a matchless …


  • 6.12 OCCUPY SKIPPING CLUB with Transcendental Meditation

    6.12 OCCUPY SKIPPING CLUB with Transcendental Meditation

    Event Registration Online for Occupy Skipping Club powered by Eventbrite Let’s occupy our minds with meditation and skip to a reality of inner peace, clarity, calm, happiness and FREEDOM. Whatever you’ve got Thursday afternoon, skip it! Or bring it with you for a worthy cause: your mental and physical health. OCCUPY SKIPPING CLUB MEET :: at The Transcendental Meditation Center :: 26 Beaver Street (btwn Broad/New) Thursday, June 12th :: 2PM You may leave your stuff at the TM center… we will return here. Wear comfy shoes and dress for FREEDOM of mind, body and spirit. $20 suggested donation The Transcendental …



  • THREE skips this week! June 4, 5, 8, Imagine…

    THREE skips this week! June 4, 5, 8, Imagine…

    A first ever: THREE SKIPS IN ONE WEEK! I’m so, so, so excited to open up the doors this week to all people, no matter how shitty normal your schedule. For all who say they want to come to Skipping Club but just can’t swing it on Thursdays at 2, this week is for you. I made this for you! Experience Skipping Club and what it’s all about. Get a workout. Be part of our beautiful, growing community. Laugh. Swing your arms long and high. Let the joy of skipping run through you, and into the Universe. Skip into your …


  • May 29 :: P-Diva’s All White Skip

    May 29 :: P-Diva’s All White Skip

    Event management for P-Diva’s All White Skip Party powered by Eventbrite It’s the first official skip of Skipping Club Summer 2014! Who needs a white party in the Hamptons with P-Diddy when you can skip in NYC with P-Diva! Say what? You and your inner playful Diddy-Diva are invited to P-Diva’s 2nd Annual All-White Skip, hosted with Peg Samuel of Social Diva, exploring the beautiful, posh Meatpacking District. It was so so much fun last year that we’re back at it again! We’re hopping down the Highline, crusading through the cobblestone streets and frolicking down 14th street, surprises included… ending at PLUNGE …



  • May 22 :: Skip To The Future (free 1st skip)

    May 22 :: Skip To The Future (free 1st skip)

    Skipping Club is thrilled to hook up with Internet Week New York for a second year! This is the last chance to try out Skipping Club before the season starts May 29th. [See full Skipping Club summer schedule here] Claim your FREE round-trip ticket to 2064:  Sell Tickets through Eventbrite To kick off the skipping season we will be skipping to the future – this skip takes place in 2064, a time when New Yorkers get from place to place primarily by skipping. New York has been declared a Skipping City and it’s all sunshine, rainbows and watermelons. WTRMLN WTR, the drink of the …


  • May 15 :: Virtual Skip and Dance Party

    May 15 :: Virtual Skip and Dance Party

    Skip, dance and learn about Skipping Club Summer 2014! :: live recording :: ________   Creative friends… YOU, on the self-designed journey that makes your heart explode with vibrant purpose, the one you agonize over, the one that scares you to death… check it: It’s a Virtual Skip and Dance Party. I teamed up with Jess Grippo, an enormous creative inspiration in my life who has helped me immensely as part of her Thriving Artist Program. We  met up on Google Hangout (me, live from LA!) for a creative spark session. Because Skipping Club is a direct result of my creative process, I’m specifically shaping Skipping Club to guide …



  • The Memberskip Program

    The Memberskip Program

    Skipping Club Summer 2014 registration has begun! What will you accomplish for yourself – and this world – over a summer of creative skipping adventures? Event registration for Michelle Joni’s Skipping Club Summer 2014 powered by Eventbrite INCLUDES :: access to all skips :: :: the Pink Memberskip card, by Evette Teylas :: :: weekly challenges to live life fully and magically (11 weeks) :: :: accountability for taking leaps toward your dreams :: :: city-wide Memberskip perks :: :: Day Skipper pass – one :: :: private Facebook group access :: :: michelle joni insider benefits  :: :: you …


  • 5 Amazing Health Benefits of Skipping

    5 Amazing Health Benefits of Skipping

    Do you think I run Skipping Club for my own health? I do! That was actually one of the reasons I started this club in the first place – to hold myself accountable for a healthy dose of cardio at least once a week. And it worked! I went from asthmatic who couldn’t run a quarter mile without getting out of breath, to running two miles without stopping. I don’t run much though… because skipping is just so much better. It’s so much fun, you’ll almost forget your buns are turning into steel! It’s not a workout, it’s a playout. …



  • The First Half of Training Season :: Little Skips to Maria Hernandez Park

    The First Half of Training Season :: Little Skips to Maria Hernandez Park

    Join us for the final two FREE Training Season sessions this month, Thursday April 24th and Saturday April 26th!    


  • Training Season at little skips BK

    Training Season at little skips BK

    I AM SO EXCITED TO START THIS WEEKLY SKIPPING JAM UP AGAIN!!! Skipping Club is about synchronicity. It’s about following your bliss. It’s about finding a weekly rhythm and creative flow. It’s a commitment to health and fitness. It’s an excuse to dress up and an excuse to skip out. It’s for rejuvenation, fresh air, and fun. It’s about connecting with people who vibrate at a high frequency. It’s about bringing back fads and starting new ones. It’s about that magical ripple effect our own positivity has on others. It’s about feeling embarrassed and getting over it. It’s about facing …



  • Warm-Up Skip

    Warm-Up Skip

    First skip of 2014; a little skip at little skips. Returning: Summer 2014! Michelle Joni’s Skipping Club is a fitness party in motion that brings back the joy of skipping. Meet at 2PM at our new cozy skipping home, little skips in Bushwick (971 Willoughby Ave), just off the J/M at Myrtle. We’ll skip, then we’ll eat and talk about skipping and bringing good to the world. Skippers receive a coffee or tea drink complimentary with food purchase. This first skip will be free to attend. When the season starts up officially in May, there will be a small fee to participate, as well as …


  • A Skipping Club Love Poem (and a very important question!)

    A Skipping Club Love Poem (and a very important question!)

    Dear Venetia, From the moment you skipped into my life I just knew There was something special here, beyond Thursdays at two. We met at the Beatles Skip in Strawberry Field… Forever, who knew, this fateful day could yield! Me in my afro, you in your hood Michelle Goldblum sent you: “You’d love it. You would!” You came back the next week, and the next and the next The skipping! It’s addictive! And we started to text. Venetia, you’re a hottie, with an accent to boot With your perfect little outfits, so themed and so cute And your bright shining …



  • It’s My Birthday and I’ll Skip If I Want To

    It’s My Birthday and I’ll Skip If I Want To

    It had been over two months since the finale Skipping Club, and I’ve been missing it dearly. Life without Skipping Club just isn’t the same. That weekly jolt of dress up was pretty much the composite of my workout routine. My skipping club energy has, however, been generously dispersed into a wide array of spaces. My skipping wings have spanned out wider, and I never forgot the goal: Have the best time ever. Clearly for my birthday, I was throwing down one downright fabulous Skipping Club birthday party. Photography // Jessica Lapidos (unless she’s in it) I pulled out the …


  • ::skipper spotlight:: Rozina

    ::skipper spotlight:: Rozina

    Name :: Rozina Akhter Neighborhood :: Midwood, Brooklyn Neighborhood spot everyone should try :: Ostrovitsky Bakery (they make the best cupcakes and cookies) and Sushi Tokyo (the best sushi place in Midwood) Age :: 26 Occupation :: Self employed/small business owner and Full Time Mom Shameless Self Promotion :: Follow me on Instagram! @CHOWDHURY27 How did you discover Skipping Club? :: I discovered Michelle on HONY (Humans of New York). All I saw was a beautiful woman in a pink wig and a pink backpack and it was calling my name: “Dude, you have to do it, you have to skip!” so I …



  • skip #3 :: Fearlessly filmed

    skip #3 :: Fearlessly filmed

    From the frigid outside, I tumbled into the warmth of Starbucks by Washington Square Park. I was there for a pre-skip latte and the obvious thing you go to Starbucks for: To get your makeup done. I met makeup artist/professional goddess Leora Edut for the first time, and there amidst the creamy wafts of caramel she generously applied a face on me suitable for camera. The producer’s name is Natalia Osipova, she was the one who emailed me the week before. An editor for the New York Times!! But this was for Cuny TV. (Yes, Cuny apparently has TV.) She …


  • “I’m Dame Foo Foo”

    “I’m Dame Foo Foo”

    I’m the Skipping Club DJ, an aspiring drag queen in NYC. Michelle Joni saved me from the basement where her sister Jessica left me 10 years ago. I’m free… I’m freee! And I’m fabulous. Follow me on Instagram for more of this bootliciousness.



  • skip #1: The inaugural skip 02.07.13

    skip #1: The inaugural skip 02.07.13

    It was my very first Skipping Club meeting, and I had convinced (begged) a few of my friends to be my skipping Guinea pigs. “Please please come! I will be so sad if you don’t!!!” In my iPhone notes, The Inaugural Skip was fully detailed out in a plan with talking points, activities, music cues, a mile long route and a smiley face. Ever since I dreamt up Skipping Club exactly one week prior, I had been falling madly in love with the concept behind it. I couldn’t wait to share it with the world! Or like, four people. Donning …


  • skip #2 :: Stop and smell the skipping

    skip #2 :: Stop and smell the skipping

    My first official skip! The first non-begging-friends-to-come-although-I-never-really-stopped-doing-that skip, and it fell on Valentine’s Day. I was on a total skipping high from the first week, what with my glorious Humans of New York debut, the social media buzz, and a steadily growing Facebook page. On top of that, that morning I got an email from a producer who found us on Meetup and wanted to film us one week for a segment on happiness. I also found out there was someone skipping in  from New Jersey just for Skipping Club. New Jersey, I say! Roses are expensive on Valentine’s Day. …



  • The birth of skipping club

    The birth of skipping club

    It was faaa-reezing out. Icy air raced down Broadway, brushed against my rosy cheeks, and challenged my journey to Broadway Nail & Spa. Yearning to get inside my toasty warm beauty haunt where my favorite Asians preen, pamper and prettify my hands and feet, my body involuntary started using a faster mode of transportation. Suddenly, I was skipping. Yes, just skipping along like a 6 year old on the playground, and my arms began to flail. I hadn’t skipped in… uhhh… a decade? But why not! What fun this was! I bounced up Broadway, every stride leaping higher. I realized …


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