I woke up Saturday morning with a cheese hangover. I ate too much cheese Friday night… I mean, if you put a log of fresh mozzarella in front of me, I’m going to eat it. But it was a mistake… and so I woke up at 3PM, just in time to revive myself with a massage.

SPA :: Chinese Success Qi Gong Tuina – Got an hour and a half massage. It was nice. I wouldn’t recommend eating a log of cheese the night before any massage.

Spa Selfie Flash on Make A Gif

EAT :: JAVA Indonesian Rijsttafel (across the street and completely dairy-less) Try the Soto Madura – the chicken soup with potato balls. The coconut sauce dish I got was a little bland, but the rest of the menu has proved to be consistent and yummy. Family owned and very intimate.

Java Indonesian

PARTY :: In my bed! Caution: Going home to meditate after a massage will very likely lead to falling asleep and missing all your parties.

But! For this adventure, SOUTH is a wonderful neighborhood spot to get a drink and feel at home. Also – to save your life when you’re locked out of your apartment at 3AM by coming to your door and pouring a gallon of hot water on your lock. Also, the very sweet bartender will offer you a spot on her couch if you can’t get back in.