Massage, Fondue, Burlesque, Repeat. Yoga, Chia Smoothie, Dinner Party, Repeat. Mani-Pedi, Sushi, Catwalk Thursdays, Repeat. It’s my mode of travel and a way of life: A mission for wellness, indulgence and outrageousness. An endless vacation of contentment, pleasure and excitement! Spa, Eat, Party, Repeat: A life I seek to lead every sweet waking day! But life gets busy and money gets tight, so the good news is, I find spa moments of healing in my own meditation den, I take pictures of my food so that the memory lasts forever, and I make parties happen every single day, turning subway rides into dance parties and streets into festivals. And suddenly, cooking healthy is a spa escape and late night massages are total parties… so where do we draw the line? We don’t! We repeat.