The ghosts of Hollow.
They got Kitty.


They left a bag of cotton balls in my room. They delivered me white face paint. They gave me absolutely no use for this hat whilst on the Playa. And so tonight, I was theirs.

Space Kitty2

The ghosts, they whisked me away on a midnight spaceship going anywhere. There in the outer space, we stumbled into Susanne Bartsch’s Halloween Ball on a planet called Buddakan.

space kitty sitting pretty

Space Kitty observes. What more glorious thing could there be to do at the most colorfully-clad Halloween fete in the universe than admire others… while being admired?

Space Kitty3

It’s silent in space, but only because Kitty doesn’t speak.

Space Kitty4

Earthling friends Miss Hannigan and Tranie Antoinette were loud enough for us all.

miss-hannigan Tranie-Antoinnette miss hannigan drunk1465216_10200945963151011_1201490888_n

And keeping our spirits high, was DEATH.


And then we realized… Halloween doesn’t die. It is eternal.

Welcome to the afterlife.

Photos // Michelle Joni (unless I’m in it, then Jessica Lapidos)

Edit credit // Ben Mobley

A brief how-to on making faux garters out of cotton balls :: Fingers to pick apart cotton, eyelash glue + a mirror:


A brief how-to on how to make your face furry: Don’t

furry face