I love food. Eating it, photographing it, playing with it, talking about where to get the best of it, cooking it on special occasions… and occasionally, finding artsy looking men food shopping at 2AM to photograph me climbing on top of it.


IMG_6196IMG_6204 IMG_6201IMG_6205

 Thanksgiving came, and the supermarket solidified itself as a super photo backdrop.

The Veggie Department on Make A Gif

Melon Boobies

 Have you ever been inspired to have a supermarket photo shoot? Party in the pastry department! So colorful, so many backdrops, so much culture, so Warhol. I am surely not done with these adventures. Will you try it one day? Am I a nut? Or should I continue on to the nut aisle? Comments, please.

Photography :: Avi A. Amon (artsy looking stranger-now-friend) on the first set, Michelle Joni X Jessica Lapidos for the Thanksgiving spree.