Why is it that on three separate occasions, in the midst of meeting very important deadlines, working on exciting projects, with all the interesting things to possibly read and watch on the Internet, have I found myself back on this crowning gem of human stupidity?

33 dumbest things that ever happened

Please! Let me read that cringe-worthy account of our grammatically and common sense-impaired fellow human beings again! An anonymous roasting of 33 souls by 1,119,052 far superior beings… 3,928,716 individual ego boosts, an echoing across the land of hearty subconscious chuckles at how brilliant you are for knowing the truth about The Titanic, and the way acting/being dead works.


Why is it so addicting to read other peoples’ stupidity? Unfortunately, we cradle our own fears in the fuzzy warmth of other people’s expense. And it works!! I am here NOT to tell you to be nice. Although, you should definitely be nice, that’s just another blog post. What I beg of you is:

Next time you say something dumb, just think of what good you are doing for the world! You are making people WONDER about the phenomenon of knowledge and all its disparities! And FORGIVE YOURSELF.

Just maybe next time, a quick google search first.


I feel like my life has been as series of dumb moments and saying things I meant to say differently and dealing with the irrevocable pit that forms from whence the words have come.

I think about my frequent and embarrassing blonde moments, the movie references I miss, the current events that completely evade my realm of awareness… the times I think I know what’s going on. And when I do speak up and get it wrong, I hope at the very least it’s intelligence-affirming and eternally entertaining for all other parties.

Learn from the cautionary tales of Buzzfeed and try not to repeat things like:


But really, how is one supposed to keep up with so many holes?