If you haven’t heard the news…..

I moved to a farm!

Michelle Joni arc 38

There’s SO much to this sizzling story, it’s silly.

For those of you that already knew I moved to a farm community but were wondering why in the world I would take the leap and do such a thing…

In short:

I met my match! My twin flame. My soul mate. The totally unsuspected love of my life. Yeah, him.

michelle and sebastian

Thanks to the manifestation powers of PLAY in all its forms, back in December I met the Wizard of Wonder himself. We’ll call him Sebastian (and sometimes, I do.)

little mermaid and sebastian

He believes a lot of things, one of which is that men are at their best when they serve women, to keep us juicy and flowing and bubbly and fulfilled. To worship the feminine from the feet (or flippers) up. To help clear the channels for women to step into their highest, most powerful Goddess selves… for it is The Goddess who will change the world!

He is the smartest person I’ve ever met.

While Sebastian has been busy using a big bit of his brilliance in Brooklyn this past year, juicing the Joniverse, capturing his not-so-easy-to-capture-at-all Queen…

Flying at Arc 38

He also started said farm community.

It’s called Arc 38Autonomous Resilient Community or Activist Retreat Center…. and “farm” is actually just the cute and easy way to put it.

welcome to arc 38

The biggest crop here is irony, second maybe being the irrigation of ideas.

Arc 38 is an Intentional Community in Amenia, New York, situated on 188 acres of mountains and marshland and ::magic::. It’s been home to hundreds of revolutionaries and travelers over the past five years — a wellspring of festivals, retreats, workshops, rituals, and dabblings in experimental living.

gorge by the gorge

an afternoon in the neighborhood // photo by Kenneth Manteau

The people here are tired of…. and frankly, too intelligent to be hamsters on the spinning wheel of the corporate-spun reality we are supposed to abide by. And are working instead to explore valid alternatives.

ariel sebastian lit the human world is a mess little mermaid

Here, there is an Unlearning Center upstairs in the Main Barn to pick up a book anytime and get your un-learn on! There is a Transformation Station downstairs, now filled mostly with my clothing, where you can Change Your Outfit Change The World.

transformation station

The Arc is a birthing ground to create our own realities, currencies, priorities, rules, based very much around indigenous principles, the Declaration of Occupy Wall Street and the 10 Principles of Burning Man.

kenny sean joni

silo chilllllin

silo chillin

We will not be duped out of our own natural abundance, we will not gain prestige at the loss of others’ dignity, and we WILL outlive money. And do yoga in the sunshine.

michelle joni yoga mats

And the best part, (because man, money sure is helpful for now!) there’s a Happy Trail that leads straight to the train (you can see it in the photo above), which gets you to NYC in just two hours. So it’s basically like we’re just really far uptown.

eco kissing mich

 Sebastian, with his stealthy ways, has been grinding steadily along to make this space available to be every person’s Utopia – for those who see it and choose it and are willing to work for it. Especially the brave hearts who have come through in the formative first three years, but now more so, to provide an example of what can be when we practice genuine cooperation.

joni and Asura farm

Imagina-SEAN’s got a saw mill to build yurts and tree houses and furniture and stuff – sticks and spells to turn outdoor places into indoor spaces!
Frank and Jennie along with Carl have turned one of the barns into a mushroom-growing laboratory, and they teach mushroom workshops.
Princess Sarah creates new clothes out of old clothes, making great points by needle
Asura lives his passion foraging wildflowers to make teas and herbal remedies, and also rocks at social media.
Kenny’s a resident photographer and snuggly friend
Jamie’s a hacker, a gamer, a cook and total hunk
Kaat Byrd is a traveling Beekeeper… who knows all about how The Queen operates!
Josh has lived in all 5 NYC boroughs and astonishingly, has all 5 borough accents, and is our resident ace lawyer & warrior for Good
Charmed Charmaine is a Goddess of Scent, concocting essential oils and also, when necessary, financial plans
Kiril got tired of Hollywood, and would rather spend time and resources making fantasy ACTUALLY real

There are more people in the Queendom who you will meet, but what you are probably wondering is:


unicorns arc Bill Henry is the radical pacifist who owns the land, and put Sebastian in charge a little before Occupy Wall Street, to summon the community to fulfill his legacy as a man who stood against the military-industrial march toward war, climbing up on Navy submarines as they were being outfitted for the first time ever with nuclear warheads— in 1960.

BILL HENRY and michelle joni

Bill Henry is the reason we are here – a gentle-hearted, hard-working Wisconsinite, a truly rare human being who has made this place available for exceptional people to collectively build a better future. He secured this place, as best he could, and has done as much as he can ever since, to have this land be utilized “For the Movement.”

Our job is to see that his wishes for the land come true:

• a principled and consistent group of people,
• studying and practicing alternative economics
• designing and generating our own energy and food systems
• adults sliding down water slides
• “what’s the one with the one horn?” he asked me when I asked him what animals he’d like to see at the Arc in the future.

“Do you mean… Unicorns?”

“Yes, Unicorns!” Bill Henry, who shares my birthday (October 23rd!, except I was born in ’84 and he is turning 84)… has requested Unicorns. And we mustn’t disappoint our darling Bill.


That’s where I come in.

I admit that can’t say I know exactly where to find unicorns just yet, although I do empathize with the fashionably late. But I DID summon this entire Utopian fantasy myself (remember this post, for example?, or here where I said I just wanted to move to farm?) so I have no doubt that the envy of all creatures, those glitter-blooded, rainbow-pooping, silky-skinned stallions will indeed make themselves known to me in my lifetime.

In the meantime, I know a thousand Spirit-Unicorns!

aka: YOU.

The Queen has found her Castle.


arc 38 blood moon fire

With never-ending theme parties and photo shoots and filmmaking and sleepovers and festivals… a place for my friends and clients to escape from NYC for the day – or months at a time, to make work FUN, and making not-ruining-our-planet a game that must be won. For ourselves and all future generations.

But that’s not just my fantasy, anymore…  Now is the time to share and make real our fantasy.  What’s yours?


Do you want to come hiking and see the leaves changing? Do you want to plan a shamanic theater piece in the woods? Do you want to turn it into Camp Firewood next summer? (obviously!) Do you want to learn how to fly? What do you want to see happen at the other end of the train tracks here in the New Fertile Crescent? 

Share ideas in the comments, stay tuned, and be sure you’re signed up for my Love Letter (at the bottom) to stay up to date and plan a visit! You can also sign up for Arc 38’s newsletter here.



Such wonderful things surround you! What *MORE* are you looking for?

{{ Thanks to Maria K for squeezing The Spineapple for my Farm Fantasy Come True! }}

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