It all started with a moment of clarity (in the midst of all the BLUR): it has come high time for us – the collective us – to start meditating on the dance floor before our parties. The dance floor is a holy place. We move our bodies to dive into the deepest depths of our souls, and simultaneously shimmy up towards the flashing sky. At The Get Down last week, with a circle of nine people, I led my first ever dance floor meditation, something I’ve been imagining for months.

Through stillness and breath-work, coupled with the vibrations of the music about to sweep us away into a night of movement and interaction, we reminded ourselves that inner peace is always a breath away. “It helped me to feel warm and fuzzy all over with the great breath-work, exercises, breathing and end group hug,” said Laura Valdez Alvarez of her first Dance Floor Meditation experience. “Then it helped me to just dance away and flow to the music rhythm.”

And the best news – this post-meditation “flow” is scientifically supported. According to a 2013 study in the Psychology of Music journal, engaging in a brief mindfulness meditation can help in an area that really matters at a dance party: Enjoying music more. YES! Meditation has been shown to lead to a more focused engagement in music – appreciating sounds actively rather than passively. “Listening to music mindfully can be a powerful way of increasing your quality of life,” said researcher Frank Diaz. “We really found significant increases in the participants’ aesthetic and flow experience. Some were intense. They were really in the zone.”

Want to give it a try and find your dance flow? Arrive to The Get Down at Cielo – happening Thursday, April 24th – by 6:30 PM, and let’s manifest a most beautiful night together. Or EMAIL ME about leading a meditation to kick off your next party or event.

Athena Huckaby got to the heart of it: “(It) helped me shed the day and get into the right frame of mind to really get down!”

Beyond the health benefits, the Dance Floor Meditation also serves to get the party started on time in a city where 45 minutes late is the new normal. Guilty! Chakras to the dance floor, please.

Photo and video captured by meditator/photographer Steven Chu.