I’m a serial water drinker when I go out dancing. It usually goes something like, shot of tequila, a whiskey ginger and then 14 consecutive glasses of water with lime. How else would do you think I could make it out till 5AM? 8AM? Water, water, WATER, kids!!! The blur you see here is not a tipsy topsy hostess, it’s just that we were dancing so fast, you can’t keep up. And that my Canon point-and-shoot thinks it is God.

As DJ stevetek put it when I wanted to retake this completely blurred shot we got of The Get Down crew: Y U MAD GURL?


“The blur is the best.”

Of course. I had almost forgotten, he was right. The blur IS the best!


With the blur, it’s about the essence… it’s about an emotion. We’re just all big blurs of love and energy anyway.

blur the get down

To scroll down properly: FIRST, watch this video, taken by Steven Chu at 9:45PM, with Natasha Blank orchestrating her musical magic unto the dance floor:

Now press play again and scroll down.


For clear pictures with details of faces and beads of sweat and such, see the album I posted on Facebook.


IMG_1507 IMG_1491 IMG_1480 IMG_1477

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