Let’s occupy our minds with meditation and skip to a reality of inner peace, clarity, calm, happiness and FREEDOM. Whatever you’ve got Thursday afternoon, skip it! Or bring it with you for a worthy cause: your mental and physical health.

MEET :: at The Transcendental Meditation Center :: 26 Beaver Street (btwn Broad/New)
Thursday, June 12th :: 2PM
You may leave your stuff at the TM center… we will return here.
Wear comfy shoes and dress for FREEDOM of mind, body and spirit.
$20 suggested donation


The Transcendental Meditation Organization, the #1 most researched and proven form of meditation, made popular by The Beatles in the mid-sixties, will be co-hosting Michelle Joni’s Skipping Club this week. With TM teachers of NYC, we’ll go for a frolic around the Financial District, tightening our muscles, loosening our minds and the minds of others, and painting the streets with joy, love and positivity. With curated music throughout the skip and breaks throughout the route for stretching, bonding improv-style activities, and insight from the teachers of Transcendental Meditation, tour the FiDi like you’ve never seen it before.

After the fun and fabulous exercise, which is low-impact on your joints, we’ll head back to the TM center, perhaps holding hands, for a delicious Indian feast and an intro session to Transcendental Meditation.

I’ve been practicing Transcendental Meditation since the 2013 New Year – a time when my life looked very different. When I’m consistent, it’s ::magic::, and I am so thrilled bring you this powerful tool of my transformation into the Skipping Club world.


Make signs if you’re called to – with messages of inner peace, meditating our way to the top… get creative! Wear comfy shoes. Dress for FREEDOM – pull out that outfit that feels a little too “out there” for a regular day. Thursdays, we skip.

Skipping Club, NYC’s hottst Thursday afternoon activity, has been featured in Time Out New York, Village Voice, Humans of New York, and – due out this June – a story in the New York Times. Join the skip!

Check the summer schedule and Memberskip program here: www.michellejoni.com/skippingclub