Skipping Club is about synchronicity.
It’s about following your bliss.
It’s about finding a weekly rhythm and creative flow.
It’s a commitment to health and fitness.
It’s an excuse to dress up and an excuse to skip out.
It’s for rejuvenation, fresh air, and fun.
It’s about connecting with people who vibrate at a high frequency.
It’s about bringing back fads and starting new ones.
It’s about that magical ripple effect our own positivity has on others.
It’s about feeling embarrassed and getting over it.
It’s about facing fears and being authentic about it.
It’s about spontaneity and it’s about planning ahead.
It’s about imagination, theater, art and play.
It’s about being prepared—mind, body and Foo Foo.
It’s about letting gooooOOOOOO!!!!

Of course I can only speak for me. This is just the short list of the things I learn running Skipping Club, it’s what I’m pouring into this year’s program, and it’s what intend for you to get out of it this summer, whether you just come as a drop-in, or sign up for a full Memberskip. And oh I hope you do!! Who wouldn’t want one of these bad boys?

Memberskip Card 2014

To all my brave dreamers, all my people building careers and lives you love, striving to live authentically, true to your code and in your creative bliss – I am right there with you! No matter your art… Skipping Club is there to help you make space in your life for you and find harmony and alignment. We’ll go there, and we’ll go there skipping. I am building on last summer to continue creating value to match that of skipping itself, with enlightening guest skippers, weekly challenges, urban adventures, and weekend outings like FIGMENT NYC.

JOIN ONE DAY THIS APRIL for Training Season at little skips in Bushwick: Pick Thursday April 10, 17, 24 or Saturday April 26, and commit to it! Commitment or bust! We’ll not only skip down a path together; we’ll support each others’ individual paths, too.

CLICK THE RSVP button to sign up for an April session! Questions at all? Feel free to EMAIL ME and let’s take a dive.

With devotion and so much skipping love,

Michelle Joni