Yoko Ono performed on Letterman a few weeks ago, and she did one of her infamous screeching/yodeling/WHYAREYOUYELLINGATME songs… some of the most controversial music ever written, especially if you ask a whole bunch of Beatles fans.

Me, I dig it. For me, Yoko Ono is a tremendous inspiration, especially in her singing. How amazing for a human being to be so freely self-expressed! She lets her inner fire out, quirks and all, regardless of what anybody, ANYBODY says… something that would serve us all well to learn from. Who are we if not our deep, unusual selves? What kind of wild, liberating sounds would escape our insides if nobody was listening? Cause you know what? Yolo.

Yoko Yolo.

I challenge you to get your Yoko Yolo on. Bellow! Pant! Squeal! Make a melody out of it. Is there not something lovely about our pure, unfiltered noises? Get weird – ’cause in the end, the only real judge is YOU.

Belt it it. Post it. Hashtag it. #YokoYolo